New Job Opportunity…Maybe

So my last blog I said I thought God was holding out on giving me any answer about a job.  At the time I had a slight suspicion that meant it was going to be something different than either of the two routes I had been debating between.  Then on Monday a friend told me about a job opening in his friend’s lab and he had talked to him and asked to see my resume.  This new found job opening involves lab work that I enjoy more than what the other job would involve.  I have talked to that professor and he wants someone right now but I can’t start till like December.  So far I’m the most qualified applicant but if he finds someone else who is well qualified soon he will hire them, but he wants someone with my experience.  So…

Is this the job God had for me?  I’m not sure.  For me to get the job will probably have to be a “God thing” since the timing of when he wants to hire someone vs. when I am available doesn’t match up.  At any rate, prayer is appreciated for everything to work out according to God’s plans.


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