Help me learn about being missional.

I am joining Shawn Grant (pastor at my church) and a few others in as we learn more about how to be a missional church through a program called Forge. You can read more about this here:

Basically we believe that there needs to be a shift in how we do church.  Just having a good church service still leaves a lot of people outside the church who aren’t going to show up on a Sunday morning.    We believe that Christians, and not just people who work at a church, should join God on his mission to reach people.  We should be engaged in community and work for restoration of our broken world and also to tell people about Jesus.  It’s the idea that we are all missionaries, and not in the short-term sense where you just go, preach, and leave, but in the long term sense where you live with people, get to know them, their culture, build relationships, help them improve their lives, and share your faith with them.  It’s about living in community with those around you, not just those you know from church, and being there for a friend in need, and allowing God to work through your relationships to restore life here “on earth as it is in heaven.”  We hope to see God transform lives and think that the best way for that to happen is though a missional approach.

To learn how to do this better we are going through a program called “Forge Residency” and attending a conference.  We’re asking people to help us raise the money for this.  (See Shawn’s blog above for more info on all this)  The total cost for Shawn and the rest of us to go through this training is $5200.  We’re looking for 13 people to commit it donating $20 a month for the next year.  If you want to help but can’t commit to that, please consider giving $5 or $10 a month, or just give what you can the Crossbridge giving page and make a donation in the box marked for Forge.  You can also set up monthly donations there (if you don’t have a log-on, just register).  Let me know if you have any questions.  Also, please be praying for our group going on this trip and the leadership team at Crossbridge as we learn more about how to be missional.