Above is a re-post of an entry I wrote last year. Lent starts next week so I started thinking about what I did last year. The first week or so I did great with using the extra time to spend time with God or read books on theology and spiritual growth, after a while I found myself spending time on things that don’t really help me spiritually like reading music reviews in a magazine or recipe books. Since the point of my fast was to grow closer to God, reading recipes wasn’t quite what I was going for. (Also, although I went to bed a little earlier some nights, I was still up ridiculously late most nights, despite not being glued to a screen) I’m giving it another shot this year. No screens after 11, with the exception of the reading plan on my Bible App. I’m supposed to be journaling, amongst other things, for the Forge residency I’m doing and I’ve been seriously slacking on that so this will be a good change to renew my effort on that.

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Growing up in Protestant, non-denominational churches I was vaguely aware of what Lent was but always wrote it off as a Catholic thing.  Catholics do all sorts of religious things and I never really paid much attention.  Besides, it seemed like not eating chocolate for 40 days doesn’t really have any spiritual significance anyway.  And then there’s those people who think a religious observance is an excuse to get really drunk and do other sinful things on the Tuesday before Lent.  “Sin as much as you can today before you try to be good for the next 40(ish) days.”  In the past few yeas I’ve heard several Protestants talk about Lent and decided to sort of re-examine what I thought about it.  While I think there are likely a lot of people who observe religious traditions just because they are traditions, or to add to some checklist to feel better about themselves, these…

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